For many organizations or businesses publishing a directory, magazine or newsletter can become a major undertaking. Every component of the publishing process, including design, editorial and copy writing, information gathering, advertising sales, distribution and publications sales, can become an extremely time consuming process and place an enormous burden on staff.

Orylix Media offers organizations and businesses two solutions to this situation.
1. Co-operative Publishing
2. Contract Publishing

In addition, if an organization is considering a publishing project, Orylix Media would be willing to meet and provide a FREE evaluation of the project with estimates of cost, time and if applicable, advertising possibilities.

We would appreciate the opportunity to work with any organization or business to publish their:
• Special reports and marketing material
• Magazines, Newsletters, Booklets, Directories and books

In summary, our publishing services include:
• Advertising sales • Copywriting • Direct mail and mail preparation
• Publication sales • Printing • Design

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